You Can Give Yourself Out Of Poverty, Lack & Financial Pressure

Pastor Tunde Bakare
September 10, 2017

You Can Give Yourself Out Of Poverty, Lack & Financial Pressure

Main Texts: 1 Thessalonians 2: 1-13, Isaiah 55: 1-4

There is no doubt that God is rich towards all. There is no doubt that God’s disposition towards the people of faith is to accurately position them and bring them to the place where what others are looking for will look for them (Romans 10: 4-15, Galatians 3: 13, 14, 26-29). There is equally no doubt that God is the God of all-sufficiency (2 Corinthians 9: 8). Unfortunately, the prevailing biblical ignorance in today’s church is one of the negative factors that has held people bound in an inglorious position as far as the actualization of abundant life is concerned (Hosea 4: 6).

It is sad that despite the fact that God has vowed never again to place a curse on the ground, the curse in Eden is still in operation in the lives of many people, though they have been born-again. It is equally unfortunate that despite the fact that Christ has been made a curse for the church, many people are still ignorantly operating under a curse as far as their well-being in all ramifications is concerned.

Why should God’s people be working like elephants and eat like ants? Why does the invitation to abundant life elude many people in the church? Why does the curse in Eden still work in the lives of many people despite the fact that God had reversed it? Why are many people falling short of the realm of all-sufficiency despite their being in Christ?

Using the life of David as a quintessential of an abundant life, this message highlights how David rose from penury to prominence, based on the power of his vow towards God’s work and His kingdom. It also unveils how David delighted his soul in abundance which caused God to provide for him supernatural abundance of massive wealth for the building of the Temple.

The message is a two-sided coin; while it is exclusive to some people, others will show gratitude to God for seeing the inclusiveness of their life, ministry, and family in the message. Likewise, the message is tailor-made in the sense that it shows the way out of Nigeria’s present predicament and from the grip of lack in the life of an individual.

So, find out the conditions God expects us to meet in order to enjoy abundant life, and the kind of vow that brought David into prominence. This message brings glad tidings of good things. It is a message of liberation for everyone under financial pressure.

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