Pathway to National Rebirth and Transformation – Pt 3

Pastor Tunde Bakare
July 23, 2017

Pathway to National Rebirth and Transformation – Pt 3

Main Texts: 1 Samuel 11: 1-15, Romans 14: 17

The word “rebirth” signifies a second birth, a revival, a renewal or renaissance. So, considering the present socio-economic and political configuration in Nigeria, it is no doubt that the situation of our country requires an urgent re-engineering. It is, however, unfortunate that none of the present crop of political leaderships in this country has what it takes to bring about the desired change. The reason is that only transformed people that can transform a nation; it is only the righteous that can lead their nations in righteousness. If a leader is surrounded by rogues, in no time, they will bastardise every good thing the leader stands for. Therefore, it would take a people movement devoid of ethnic sentiment to bring about the needed transformation. In other words, if you are not higher than the perversity of your generation, you cannot fix the problem.

So, who and who are the righteous? If the present crop of political leaderships in this country lacks what it takes to transform our socio-economic and political configuration, then, who and who are these people movement that will do it? How are we going to negotiate the future of our country from the stand point of strength? What is the kingdom of God as far as national rebirth and transformation of a country is concerned? In any nation on the face of the earth, who are those that can bring about a rebirth and transformation of a nation and who are the people that cannot? What is the connection between entering the gate of righteousness and national transformation? What is the missing factor in the Nigeria’s problems? This message uses four Bible personalities to illustrate and provide scriptural-based answers to these questions, and also shows how God prepares His people for the things which He has prepared for them as far as personal and national transformation is concerned.

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